HYA Card 20 Pack

Product image 1HYA Card 20 Pack
Product image 2HYA Card 20 Pack
Product image 3HYA Card 20 Pack
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Snap out of negative thought patterns and brighten the days of people around you. With HYA cards you will increase the gratitude and appreciation you express on a daily basis and make powerful connections to your fellow man. 

Expressing gratitude is the fastest way to a happier soul. When we thank and appreciate those around us, we don't just lift them up, we raise our own frequency and teach our brains to be more appreciative and loving. This in turn lets the universe know we are ready to receive more of all that good stuff that life has to offer!

Each pack comes with five sets of four cards (20 total) to cut up and hand out to that do-gooder at work the next time she covers for you, or your dog sitter after a weekend away, or your significant other when they are having one of those days.

The prompts allow you to write in a special message or just leave it blank and let the card do the talking. Either way, you will be taking positive actions of gratitude and appreciation and building life-changing habits for good.

Join in today and remember: you're effin amazing!

Oh yeah and THEY SHIP FREE!


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